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December 1, 2023
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December 1, 2023

You can visit the Aviator English page for more information about the Aviator. Check the progress of your game and the amount of money you can earn in Aviator in real time! You can also use the payment methods supported by the online casino.

But it is easier for you if you try to do it. You can also play free Aviator games without risking any funds. When you play free games, they are not linked to your online casino account. It is still a slot machine game, but it has certain limitations: You can use the Aviation Game Betting Ratings to know how to play Aviator. The ratings are obtained by independent experts who tested the games on an online casino.

  • The main purpose of the Aviator online casino is to keep everybody interested in the game.
  • The method of payment that you want to use to fund your account should be secure, so do not use a method that is not protected.
  • The game is honest with the multiplier of the last round.
  • You can switch to the live mode for fast and convenient play.

Spoils of war are not used in the Aviator game, and a bet is paid at the rate of 1x. As you can imagine, the higher the coefficient at which the plane flies away from the ground, the greater the odds at which you will win. The winning depends on the player’s skill, and it is not possible to lose. It is the most popular game in the online casino, and the player and the online casino are the winners. It is reached when the plane is at a height of 3000m. If the multiplier falls below 1x, then the plane dives.

Discover Slot Rewards

The round is started with the corresponding coefficient. The algorithm will continue for the round, and the online casino will bet on the player with the right coefficient at the start of the round. If the player decides to decline the payout, the player will receive the given number of Aviator Points from the number of the current round. For the round with the coefficient of 2, the player will get 2x Aviator Points.

  • The players can play in all sorts of games from the casino.
  • When the Aviator game, most of them use the starting coefficient 1, and the multiplier grows only by 1.
  • You can play Aviator on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • You will then need to place a new bet, and wait for the next round.

Each player has their own coefficient at which their airplane flies away. You can see it in the airplane display in the bottom right corner of the screen. The coefficient is calculated based on the current round, the size of your bet and your current wager. The coefficient grows more and more as the Airplane climbs. If the growth of the coefficient stops before you cashed out the bet, then the funds are burned out.

Spin for Success

It is always a useful way to go for the real gambler. It is worth noting that the game can be played at online casinos. Once the coefficient is calculated, you will receive the number of times it will be multiplied to your bet.

There is also the option of betting on the same round. If you do not want to lose money on the bet, then this is the perfect option for you. The Aviator casino game is a modern version of a classic slot machine.

  • The optimal multiplier is the one that allows you to maximize your winning potential and minimize your losses, which depends on the game time.
  • Do not hesitate to try them all and choose the one that suits you best.
  • The main goal of the creators of the online casino is to allow you to feel as if you are a real pilot flying the plane.
  • The Betting Feature of the Aviator game is a very good and productive and allows you to play in any amount.
  • The more coincidences there are in the sum of these three numbers, the greater the rate will be.

Your hands are visible, and their progress will be displayed in real time. That is why we advise you to play at your own pace, to not overdo it, and to not be greedy in the first place. You can play Aviator at This portal is one of the best places for the game. If you have a mobile device, you can play Aviator at anytime and anywhere! A free account is enough for playing Aviator at You can play online slots, table games, and online casino games at any time of the day.

Proven Ways to Win

During the game you can play more than one bet. When you reach the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stage, the algorithm will generate a new round with a new coefficient of growth. As a result, the game will be even more interesting for you as the level of difficulty is increased. The Betting Limits do not affect all coefficients. For example, if the coefficient is 300x, the Betting Limits can be set as 1.1x and the game will be over in 3 rounds.

  • It is a perfect place to relax with the naked eye.
  • The code is not very advanced, but it does its job.
  • All bets are placed on the first race, and each round during the game continues with the same betting pattern.
  • The Aviator game is the most traditional of all casino games.

Bonuses are always in your interest and allow you to start your real gaming experience with the bonuses available at the casino! You can play Aviator for as many rounds as you want and can withdraw your winnings in any round after the round where you bet. If you want to prevent yourself from burning up your funds, then you should consider using the “Time Out” option. If you use this option, then it is not possible to redeposit your funds.

Aviator: Your Casino of Choice

The Aviator online casino game is the first one for the online casino industry. Its creator claims that the system of the game is one of the best in the world. The game has many features which can’t be found in other games. The game is made for use with the most modern and efficient hardware. The user interface is made to be viewed on the screen of any device. The sound effects, the graphics and game play are balanced and also easy to understand.

  • Aviator is an online slot game, and as such, it has some specific bonuses for iPhone, iPad, and Android users.
  • It is possible to win a fortune without worrying about the small amount.
  • Click on the title and the game will be opened.
  • So, if you bet too much, you will not be able to receive any bonuses.

The jackpot is divided into 3 parts – the first part is in the right corner, the second is in the middle, the third – in the left. As you may guess, the first part is the largest and the last one is the smallest. In order to make the most profitable of course, you should increase the bet as much as possible.

The Slot Carnival

The game is paid through the usual payment methods (for example, by credit card, bank transfer, etc.). The game comes with a carefully selected set of casinos and betting portals, which are popular among the players. All this is necessary for the game to be able to operate in the environment of the online casinos. Enjoy the game in the fully safe environment of the online casino.

On average, it takes at least 1.5-2 hours to play the game with a stable profit. If you were not able to cash out in time, you will have to wait for the next round of bets. However, the game does not force you to play with a fixed bet every time.

Aviator: Gaming Paradise

You can see the current coefficient at the top left corner of the game, and as long as you keep it, you can grow the Airplane. A further increase in the coefficient is accompanied by an increase in the profit of winning. And vice versa, to increase the coefficient it is necessary to reduce the profit obtained from the bet. But it is not necessary to panic if the coefficient starts to fall. But you should be careful not to be late, because every late withdrawal is charged with 20% of the total of the bet on the player’s chip.

Spin and Win Big

To begin, you should know some tips and tricks for blackjack. Aviatorsh of a high-risk flight, where you can put all your money on the line, then I suggest you to try Aviator. You will certainly enjoy the atmosphere of this game. If you plan to play in the Multiplayer mode at the online casino, you should select the game to play with the main game. The main game is a standard multiplication table game, the only difference is in the Aviator table, which is not just a multiplier. The purpose of the main game is to help players make money faster and more reliably, and the Aviator game is for those who want to play risk-free.

Reel in Endless Excitement

We also know that you are not a big fan of on-line casinos with bonuses. That’s why we have decided to present the bonuses at our website only. You can play Aviator directly on the site of online casinos by signing up at the table.

The result of a round is displayed in the form of a bar graph. Just as the coefficient grows, the percentage of the player’s bet grows. After the player cashed out, the game continues with the next round, the coefficients generate a new round, etc. Terms and conditions: The bonus is valid for depositing only. After a certain period of time, the bonus can be converted into a deposit.

The Slot Spectacle

The game is free of charge, and you can play the game any time you want. The game is available for all the players, regardless of their country of residence. If you like to play a game where the winning is based on luck, you will find a wide variety of games at online casinos. If you want to play at a particular casino, you can find all the details in the selected casino’s CASINO PROMO page. If you are tired of the high volatility of the Hot or Cold game, try the Aviator.

Every round of this game opens new exciting possibilities. You just have to choose one you liked, or try them all. Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 Aviator is played on the latest browsers.

If you are playing with the help of the AI, it does not mean that you do not have to play smart! As for the game Aviator itself, it is a simple 2D game. The plane is flying from the right to the left.

Aviator is similar to the most popular Louisville Jungle. If you manage to successfully fly the plane for a long time, you will be rewarded with a prize. Aviatorn in any mode (bet per round, bet per hour, bet per day, etc.).

Non-stop Action

There is a real draw, but it takes place behind the scenes. Every time you lose the bet, your account is erased from the game. It is a safety measure for those who have a negative experience with the casino. If you have made a mistake, simply allow the draw to take place, and your account will be restored.

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